Email Phoenix - the heart of it all

Email Phoenix is the answer to emergency Kerio Connect mail serving. What do we mean by this? Say you have a Kerio mail server in your office. All is well, until the power goes out and doesn’t come back for days. No email. No connectivity. How much money is lost when these scenarios happen?

The Email Phoenix service keeps that from happening. Even in the worst-case scenario, your email is available. With a quick DNS change (or round-robin pre-setup), you do not lose that connectivity. You do not miss that important email. You do not lose money. Email Phoenix helps raise your email from the dead.

OS X and Windows Compatible

PC or Mac – We got you covered

Our Email Phoenix app is native for both Apple’s OS X, and Windows OSes.



The Power of Sync

Email Phoenix allows you to have high availability for your mail servers. Whether your backup server is in your office or co-located, Email Phoenix will be able to allow you to back up your mail server with no issues.

email lightbulb

Restoring Your Data

For when the lights turn on

The Email Phoenix app not only backs up your Kerio Connect data, but also syncs it back to your server. All this power from this little app. Amazing!



Data transmission security

We know your email is important, and that’s why we use the most secure technology to make sure your data is synced to your servers securely and safely.


Branding Version

Email Phoenix White Labeling

The Email Phoenix app is white-labeled. This means you can sell the service to your clients, put your own logo into our app, and brand it as your own.



No question is too stupid

If you need help, we are there. Contact us through our contact form or via email. Chat with us via Live Chat or call us at
(208) 50E-MAIL (208-503-6245)