How to have Email Phoenix backup to a non-standard location.

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If you are using Email Phoenix and your backup location is not in the standard location (i.e. C:/Program Files/Kerio/mailserver/store on Windows, and /opt/local/kerio/mailserver/store on a mac) you will need to create a symbolic link.

On Windows – How To Geek has a great write up on how make the symbolic link. Let’s say your store director was on D:/Kerio/Store – you would open up Command Prompt and type the following:

MKLINK /J D:\Kerio\store C:\Program Files\Kerio\mailserver\store

On a Mac – Gigaom has the full write up let’s say your backup location was on a separate volume and in a folder called Kerio/Store. You would open up Terminal and do:

ln -s /Volume/volumename/Kerio/Store /opt/local/kerio/mailserver/store The symbolic link will look like an alias but it’s not.

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